ZURU History

Want an innovative and team-based work environment? Want to learn from the best in your field? Want opportunities from day one? Want to make a real difference?

Look no further, ZURU has all of the above and more. Over ten years ago, in 2004, this cutting edge company was established by a family from little old Cambridge, New Zealand. Much like Steve Jobs and Apple, it all began in a garage as teenagers designing, developing and marketing their very first toy, a hot air balloon comprised of Coca-Cola cans and some Science.

Fast forwards one year later, door-to-door sales exceeding 10,000 units of hand-made hot air balloons, the young entrepreneurs decided to take on China. Equipped with a global mindset, a hunger to succeed and an innovative edge the Mowbray's set out on their adventure.

The result, ZURU, one of the fastest growing toy companies in the world. To this date, ZURU products are sold in over 80 countries thanks to a workforce of over 750 people worldwide. ZURU looks to add young, talented and positive minds to its team every year. Currently there are a good number of students interning at the Shenzhen office, a reflection of ZURU's commitment to the youth of China. We are looking for interns from a range of disciplines that embody a range of skills. ZURU looks to welcome interns from three major disciplines: Business, Engineering and Creative internships are available.

Does this sound like a fit for you? If you are a student who considers themselves a high achiever in these fields, as a positive person with the ability to work well in a team environment and wants to take control of their future, ZURU wants to hear from you. If you Want Endless opportunities, fantastic friends, new experiences, expert mentors and a brighter future. The team at ZURU hopes to hear from you soon.

Don't believe us? Read testimonials from our past and present interns, read about their awesome experiences, their rapid learning and their endless opportunities during their time with ZURU (found under the 'intern' and 'graduate' tabs at the top of the page).


Core Values

Despite the large size of the company, it maintains its core values:

  • INTEGRITY; doing things the right way
  • INNOVATION; fresh thinking, new products and cutting edge technology
  • DELIGHT; enjoyment, teamwork and working with a smile
  • EMPOWER; the feeling of competence and inspiring those around you

These core values help make up a popular company motto:

“Re-imagine play, everyday.”

The ZURU Culture

Despite the huge growth and constantly increasing size of the company's roster, ZURU maintains a close-knit, family feel or culture. ZURU's staff, whether they be Senior management or very new to the company, pride themselves on being friendly, approachable and happy individuals.

This culture of being open, welcoming and an inviting office stems from the company's founders. The founders are from New Zealand, commonly known as “kiwis”; they embody what it is to be 'kiwi'. This includes being empathetic, caring and humble in nature. The office and company culture is a reflection of this down-to-earth attitude, where all parts of the company are considered as important as the next. Overall the company is about respect for your pairs, respect for the product and respect for our customers. Integrity is king at ZURU.

Furthermore, the company is competitive, ZURU did not grow at the rate it did and reach the heights that it has by just being friendly. It is also about being passionate, about being innovative and thinking about challenges ahead. The company and its staff do no shy away from hard tasks, instead it looks at these as opportunities to learn, to grow and to develop in any way possible.

In this respect, the company is a mixture of its core values; integrity, innovation, empowerment and delight. We exceed expectations, we work hard, we are talented individuals, but we are also happy, we are supportive and we are humble, not matter what your position at the company.

Examples of the companies close knit, team based attitude are reflected at lunch and dinner times, where we often eat together, share stories of the weekend and celebrate birthdays with songs and cakes. We are more than colleagues, we are family, we are ZURU.

Come see it for yourself, be an integral part of our family!

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