Here at ZURU we are a friendly and professional company. Our expert team comes with over ten years experience in the toy industry. Our team is dedicated to producing the best quality items across our entire toy range. We focus on doing the task the best way possible and with the right attitude. We are a dream team.


Anna Mowbray Chief Operating Officer

Anna is the glue holding ZURU together, maintaining an all-encompassing role as the Chief financial advisor and operations. Anna is also responsible for the strategic development of the company. These roles are vital to ZURU maintaining the hard-working, creative and family type culture that ZURU embodies.


Anna is responsible for the stable, risk-free and healthy finances of ZURU. She works to inspire all of our employees to reach their potential and encourage them to strive for success beyond what they thought they were capable.


Anna works closely with supply chain management and ensuring the company runs smoothly and efficiently. Furthermore, Anna has great experience with Project Management, ensuring traditional and new projects are achieved in the best, fastest and most effective manner possible. She will be an important mentor for the business interns during their time at ZURU.

Anna's suggestion to internship:

“Work hard and work smart, respect those around you and diversify your business understanding as much as possible. Take calculated risks and don’t be afraid to venture into the unknown. Capitalize on the opportunities that present themselves and do it all with a positive, friendly attitude. Inspire those around you, everyday”

Mat Mowbray Founder

Have you ever wondered what a genius looks like? How they act? And how they operate within a company such as ZURU?


You will find out the answers to these questions after spending time at ZURU with Mat as your business mentor. Mat is the founder and Chief executive operator of ZURU toys; his passion for creation is paramount. His ideas are phenomenal and commitment and energy to ZURU is infectious.


Mat is an engineering whiz, with particular expertise in mechanical and automation based engineering. Although this is not Mat’s only forte, he also has a deep desire to meet and work with others like himself, who share a desire to change the world and grow his ideas. Because of this Mat is also responsible for the strategic direction and development at ZURU. 

Mat's suggestion to internship:

Don’t hesitate to investigate your passion, if you have an idea don’t give up on it because the logistics seem hard, anything is possible. Believe in yourself and make your ideas known, don’t be shy to contribute to areas in which you believe you can assist. Join the internship, let’s explore these ideas together!

Nick Mowbray Director

Nick is ZURU’s link to the outside world, he is responsible for the initial entrance, securing and maintaining of all markets ZURU advertises its innovative products. With a passion for developing relationships with people, Nick has helped take ZURU from a regional company to a global company in the short time it has existed.


Nick has developed a network of suppliers, clients and friends around the globe, ensuring ZURU is represented the way he believes it should be, with innovation, energy, empowerment and joy. ZURU’s success is a product of Nick’s hard work, dedication and “make it happen” attitude.


Nick is a fearless salesman with an extraordinary ability to connect with people. As the director of sales and president of the company, he embodies what has made this company so successful. Nick is the kind of businessman that takes ZURU’s strategy, culture and innovative toys, and presents these to the world in the and most effective way possible. 

Nick's suggestion to internship:

Everybody is different, every product is unique and every market is an opportunity, try your best to understand your environment and engage people in a way that they can’t say no. Spread the passion you have with those around you and those in other parts of the world. Being told “No” is not an indicator to stop, it is an opportunity to learn, to grow and try things again, until you succeed.

Senior Management

Coco Head of Research and Development

What are your qualifications? When/where do you graduate and which major?

Coco has a Bachelor’s degree, with an Economic major from Guangdong University of Finance & Economics. She graduated in 2006.


Why ZURU for you

Great platform for talents to reach latest toys news and cutting-edge technology from global markets, including licensing concepts, market trends and inventors ideas.  Unique culture which allows everyone in the team to share, to learn, continuously improve and to express their great minds.


What is your best memory whilst working at ZURU?

While ZURU was still small and working conditions were not that great, but everyone in the team worked their bud off trying to support and grow the company, to overcome every difficulties during the process, with great determination, great attitude and great team work.


How would you describe your experience at ZURU in three words?

Passionate, Exciting, Challenging

Coco's suggestion to internship:

Stay hungry stay foolish

Brian Head of Product Design

What are your qualifications? When/where do you graduate and which major?

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Bachelor of Arts in Design (Visual Communication)

With First Class Honours

2001 Hong Kong

Why ZURU for you 

All the members of our team have great ambition and work with lot of energy. The ideas of the designers could be fully realized under the cooperation of many departments. This also give the designers the free space of creative.


What is your best memory whilst working at ZURU? 

To witness the Robo fish becoming one of the best-selling toys in the world from a prototype. I was impressed most by the see the surprise face of the customers from the video when they see the Robo fish for the first time.


How would you describe your experience at ZURU in three words?

Energetic Passionate Happiness 

Brian's suggestion to internship:

Look the world with a childish heart and open all the fancy doors. Don’t put any limit to your creative minds.

Jeffrey Head of Packaging Design

What are your qualifications? When/where do you graduate and which major? 

Guangdong Industry Technical College   

Toy designer

2010 Guang Zhou


Why ZURU for you 

The whole company grows in a very fast-speed. There are a lot of friendly and innovative workmates.


What is your best memory whilst working at ZURU?

The meals time of weekdays. ZURU provide very delicious work meals with fruits or drinks.


How would you describe your experience at ZURU in three words? 

Fantastic, Fancy, Felling good

Jeffrey's suggestion to internship:

It is better to have great interest in the work and spare no effort for it.

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